18 February 2010

My Vote for American Idol...

Yes, this is my official coming out...Hi, my name is Lindsey Colvin and I am addicted to American Idol. I love Ellen and Simon, Kara and Randy and talk to them on the TV like I'm sitting right next to them. I have even passed this obsession on to my little girl (she laughs at everything Simon says and will go up to the TV to give him kisses). Call me crazy, but I just love it. Now that I've confessed, lets get to the heart of this post.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in some of the people that they let go through to the top 24. They kept saying (especially to the girls) that there was a lot of competition and that it was really difficult to make a decision, and yet they let contestants like Mr. Jim Morrison Wannabe through. Perhaps he is a diamond in the rough...but seriously? It's hard to even watch the kid [insert deep inhale and exhale]. Getting off of my soap box I will say that the majority of the top 24 are going to be a blast to watch. I especially like Andrew Garcia, Crystal Bowersox, and Lilly Scott. But Didi Benami is the one that I'm hoping goes all the way! So for all of those "closet" or blantantly open Idol Fans, I pose the question: who's your pick for 2010? and do you really even notice that Paula's gone?

14 February 2010

The Joys of Life

I don't have too long to write (because my very active child is tearing apart her room at this very moment) but I wanted to take a minute and tell everyone how we're doing. We love love love love the York Pennsylvania area. It is beautiful here, and aside from getting over two feet of snow (which no one in this area is ever prepared for) it has been an amazing couple of months. We love our apartment and I almost have it exactly as I want it. As soon as it's clean I will post pictures for all of you. But since I know you mostly check this blog to see Peyton I've attached pictures from this morning. She's running around everywhere and is discovering (or perfecting, I haven't quite decided yet) her mischievous side. We love you all!

19 December 2009

Winter Weather-1 UHAUL-0

The title says it all. As Patrick and I stood at the window this morning and stared at the blizzard raging outside all we could do was laugh. Really...this is the story of our lives. And in the words of Marie Osmond, "If you're going to laugh about it tomorrow, you might as well laugh about it today." Ha ha...ha ha ha.

18 December 2009

Winter Weather Watch vs UHAUL

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to yet another reason why I think Murphy's Law rules my life. Patrick and I finally agreed on a weekend to move (which believe you me, there was a very heated discussion preceding the decision) and of course all of the weather forecasters are calling for 6-12 inches of snowfall. Really, I just have to sit back and laugh. It's like Heavenly Father is saying, "Do you remember the lesson we talked about...you know...the one on patience. Here's a pop quiz." So right now we're just playing it all by ear, and I am praying constantly that we'll have just long enough to drive the truck from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. That's all I want is a 2 1/2 hour window. Then it can snow us in for all I care...wait...that seems to have backfire written all over it.

14 December 2009

The Stress and Joy of Moving

This time I fully admit that I purposely brought more stress into my life. Many would probably question my sanity, because I mean, honestly, who in their right mind would intentionally stress themselves out. But hear me out dear friends. For the first time in the two years that Patrick and I have been married we will be moving into our own place. It is an apartment that is not owned by any relative or friend, and it is not a fifth wheel on a boy scout reserve. It is a genuine, newly painted and carpeted, ground floor, two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. But...the only weekends that we could move was either this weekend (the 18th and 19th) or the second weekend of January (8th and 9th). Now I know that it's been two years and surely a few more weeks shouldn't make much difference, but people, I am DONE waiting. I don't care if it means a few less hours of sleep because I need to pack when Peyton's asleep. I don't care if it involves back breaking box reconfiguration and furniture placement. I'm not even sweating the fact that we might not be able to find others to help. All I care about is being in York with Patrick, and finally being in our own place. Hence why I opted for the most immediate move date, and am now frantically running around trying to schedule everything. It may be crazy, but I know that in the end it will be worth it. So judge me if you dare, but I ask you honestly, given the same situation wouldn't you too choose the stressful path?

05 December 2009


Well America...it finally happened...Patrick Stevenson Colvin secured himself a "Big Boy" job! Though, I don't know if playing in the woods, shooting things, and hanging out with a bunch of Scouts should be considered a grown up job. Rather, I think it's Peter Pan's dream occupation. Regardless of what I think, this undoubtedly means bigger and better things for the Patrick Colvin Clan. Patrick will be heading up to his post in York, PA the beginning of next week. He turned in all of his GARDA shirts, bullet proof vest, etc. and bid them an enthusiastic farewell. I don't think he could have been happier pulling out of that parking lot one last time. Peyton and I will hang out in Jersey until after the holidays and then we'll start the process of finding a place to live and packing up all that we own and driving the 2 1/2 hours to our new home. Until we locate one, though, the Boy Scout Council has been kind enough to offer us a cabin at their camp until we locate that "Home Sweet Home". I feel flashbacks of the summer of 2008 coming on.

02 December 2009

Instilling Fear of the Bearded Man...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and eventful Black Friday! Right now I am enjoying the opportunity I have to be a stay at home mom. I LOVE IT! It has been a blessing to see Peyton change each hour of each day. My love for her has grown more than I thought possible. I am keeping busy with Discovery Toys and Patrick is preparing for some interviews with Boy Scout Councils around the East. Wish him luck!